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unlimited users & employees
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Welcome to Gulf HR Xpress

If you have identified a need in your organisation to improve the administration of your Payroll and Administration function, Gulf HR Xpress is your solution of choice. Gulf HR Xpress is a software package tailored for all conditions and requirements. It is a localised, flexible, and user-friendly Payroll solution utilising web-based technology which offers complete automation of business processes and rules.

Gulf HR Xpress connects managers and administrators across the company, facilitating employee record-keeping and enhancing communication. It applies to businesses of any size and features tools that can adapt to each company’s distinct needs, structures and processes.

Gulf Solutions is a Software Solutions and Information Technology Company which was established in 1999, with its Head Office based at Dubai Internet City. The latest development to hit the market is the Gulf HR Xpress software application. It is an automated Payroll & Administration system, designed to eliminate the tedious clerical work that is all too common to most Payroll departments.

Why Gulf HR Xpress

Gulf HR Xpress was developed in the Middle East and tailored specifically towards market conditions and requirements. Gulf HR Xpress is aimed at smaller organisations who are looking at procuring a localised, ‘off the shelf’ Payroll application which is affordable and easy to use. Read More...

Organisation Benefits
The utilisation of Payroll ‘Best Practices’
Streamlines & Automates Business Processes
Moves toward a Paperless Payroll environment
System flexibility – catering for a wide range of client needs and requirements.
‘Multi-Faceted’ Implementation options – can be applied to multiple industries & business environments.
Multi Company & Multi Currency in nature
unlimited users & employees

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